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Harmonic Defiance

by Ascension Électronique

Conception 06:28
"Who controls the past, controls the present. Who controls the present, controls the past".
"To change the world, start with you, you cannot hide...change from the inside"
rEVOLution 06:58
"The time has come for the ultimate solution, the only way is to form a revolution. The question in mind is how we'll fight this battle, the structure is collapsing, their system we'll dismantle. We have to come together, before it's too late, there will be no room for questioning, there will be no debate. The only way forward is for us to start believing, that love is the only reason why this life is worth living".
2012 A.D. 06:13


"As we begin to confront the system in place, we must realize that resistance is not futile...it is necessary! We must find the courage within ourselves to fight back against the oppression that has plagued our world for far too long. By each of us opening our eyes, and acknowledging that we must be the change we desire, we, as a global community, can ignite the next Love Revolution, and prevent our planet from further falling into chaos...Resistance through Defiance, Harmonic Defiance!"

After much success with two compilation releases off of this album on the highly acclaimed Advanced Funk Vol. 2, and Electro Compendium compilations, the long awaited album release by Ascension Électronique - new side project of long-time Electro Bass veteran and label founder Santino Fernandez aka Morphogenetic - is finally here. 9 Deeply crafted tunes ranging from soothing and inspiring, to suspenseful and alarming. With a concept aimed at awakening the masses, and reminding us of the path we take from birth to death in this seemingly lost world, Ascension Électronique conveys through his music an energy that reaches deep within you to spark the fire that can be the catalyst for change.

If you are looking for warm, rich synthesizer Electro music, with majestic melodic compositions, intricate and intelligent sequencing, and a wide assortment of carefully crafted beats that range from old school Electro Funk, to Detroit Techno Bass, and even contemporary Downtempo, this album will satisfy you from beginning to end with its wide spectrum of eclectic compositions, and masterful programming and production.


released January 15, 2013

Written and produced by: Santino Fernandez
Mastered by: Mark Graham @ The Sound | Charlottesville, VA
Illustration by: Nexus 6
Design and layout: Stjärna


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Fundamental Bass Intelligence Charlottesville, Virginia

Welcome to Fundamental Bass Intelligence, aka FBI Recordings. We are a label dedicated to bringing you the very best in the variables of Electro-Techno Bass and Electro-Funk, with a twist of fundamental universal knowledge.

All of our releases have a profound sense of meaning, and all follow a story, which over time will shine light on the darkness that has taken hold of our planet!
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